Enterprise culture:

First, rapid response, immediate action

Second, develop in every new day

Third, integrity comes the first, reputation wins the world

Fourth, the result is the only standard to measure Yalong people

Fifth, today must borrow nothing of tomorrow

Sixth, time is the diamond

Four modules: the core, the spirit, the mentality, the soul

(First) six cores

First, pay close attention to the quality, create a brand

Second, develop in every new day

Third, process standardization

Fourth, enhance the quality of employees

Fifth, make everyone rich

Sixth, serving for the customers is the pride and honor of Yalong people

(Second) corporation spirit

Self -confident, self-esteem, self-love, self-reliance, self-improvement

Real, simple, happy, passionate, dream

Unity and love, filial piety

Not stop until reaching the goal

Rigorous and meticulous, tenacious struggle

(Third) corporation mentality

First, when encountering some problem, I would say it is because of someone else and do nothing. This act is referred to suicide.

Second, the company hires me to solve problems, if there is no problem, I will immediately be unemployed.

Third, complaining about the company’s disadvantages in private during working is betraying our body and soul.

Fourth, this is my work. I enjoy the honor and salary the work brings, also need to bear the corresponding responsibility, misunderstanding, the criticism and accusations from customers.

(Fourth), corporation soul

First, wake up your passion for work and study

Second, Yalong creates miraculous dreams

Third, Yalong transfers Chinese dream to the world


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