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Difference between oil-based color lead and water-soluble color lead

February 14,2023

Oily color lead:
Oily color lead is a waxy color pencil, and its hardness is insoluble in water. The saturation is very high. The rich colors we often see are made of oily lead.
Water-soluble color lead:
Water-soluble color lead is usually colored with water and brush after painting. It will change more and give people a sense of watercolor change.
Usage differentiation:
Oily colored lead is what we call ordinary colored pencil. The color drawn on the paper will not change. Because of its water-soluble characteristics, water-soluble color lead often needs to be mixed with water.
The effect of water-soluble color lead is more like watercolor, which means that it is not so easy for novices to master.
Purchase differentiation:
At the time of purchase, we can simply distinguish between the two. Generally speaking, what kind of color lead is written on the outer box.
Or you can differentiate according to some tips.
For example, oily colored lead only needs to be painted with colored pencil. Therefore, there is only one colored pencil on the screen.
Because water-soluble color lead needs halo dyeing, there will be a brush pattern on the outer box packaging. It suggests that the two should be used together.
We usually think about the use scenarios and know how to distinguish them!
There are many factors that affect the effect of color lead, such as techniques, paper, etc. So what type of color pencil to use is just one of them.