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10 fun facts about colored pencils

March 01,2023

OK, we know what you’re thinking: there’s no way that “facts about colored pencils” are ever going to be “fun.” But stick with us, we’ve scoured the internet and found 10 truly fun (and surprising) facts about colored pencils for your reading pleasure. Check them out below:

  1. Tushar Lakhanpal, a 17-year-old from India, broke the record for theworld’s largest pencil collection back in 2015. His collection consists of a whopping 19,824 pencils. Impressive stuff sure, but we can’t help thinking, where does he keep them all?
  2. It takes just one tree to make 300,000 wooden pencil casings.
  3. The world’s most expensive set of colored pencilsare on sale at the Museum of Modern Art’s gift store. “How much,” you ask? Well, brace yourself, because these designer pencils retail at an eye-watering $2845! We’ll stick to the ones we get from the dollar store…
  4. Believe it or not, that’s small change in comparison to the world’s most expensive pencil. A single “Graf von Faber-Castell” pencil will set you back an incredible $13,400.
  5. The U.S. company Crayola is the world’s biggest producer of colored pencils. Each year, their factories pump out 600 million pencilsin every color of the rainbow. That works out at 26 colored pencils for every child aged 0-5 in the country!
  6. The average colored pencil is capable of drawing a line more than 30 miles long.
  7. Jainthan Francis holds the world record for the longest colored pencil drawing. Completed in 2009, his record-breaking artwork measured 500 yards long.
  8. Canadians call colored pencils “pencil crayons” because crayon is the French word for “chalk pencil.”
  9. Pencils are remarkably durable. In fact, the world’s oldest pencil, a German carpenter’s pencil made in 1630, still works today.
  10. Scumbling” is the technical term for when you make continuous circles with a colored pencil. Who knew that had a name?