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How to choose a watercolor pen?

March 07,2023
  1. Even water outflow

Because the baby is still at the stage of learning to draw, and the strength of the watercolor pen is not enough to grasp when drawing, and too much water will easily destroy the painting, so choose the one with uniform water output

  1. Tightness of pen cap

If the watercolor pen is used up and the cap is not covered in time, the ink in the watercolor pen may evaporate and the color will become lighter; Or when using the watercolor pen, the water flow is uneven, so it is better to choose a cap with moderate tightness. It is not easy for children to take off the cap if it is too tight, and it is easy to lose the cap if it is too loose.

  1. Washable

The baby likes to scribble at home. Even if he has prepared a book for him, he will draw on himself, on the wall and on his clothes. Therefore, when selecting watercolor pens for children, parents must choose washable and water-soluble watercolor pens, which can be easily washed away even if they are randomly painted by children.

  1. Packaging resistance

The packaging of small cartons is basically vulnerable to small beasts, so the outer packaging is not easy to tear and easy to accept.

  1. Color saturation

The color of watercolor pen should be pure and bright. It is conducive to children’s recognition of color and beautiful painting, and can complete the basic proportion of three primary colors. Satisfy children’s cognition of color and aesthetic enlightenment.