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Do you choose a pencil with a hexagonal or triangular shank

March 21,2023

When it comes to selecting a pencil, many people may be confused about whether to choose a hexagonal or triangular shaped barrel. So, which one should you choose?

Firstly, hexagonal pencils are more commonly used than triangular ones, as the design of hexagonal pencils provides greater comfort and stability for long-term use. The hexagonal shape is better suited to hand grip, and has greater compression and anti-slip properties, making the pencil grip more stable and less prone to slipping off. Additionally, the hexagonal design is more reliable for special populations such as children or the elderly who may have weaker hand coordination.

However, triangular pencils have their own unique application. They are more suitable for drawing or writing for extended periods of time, as they assist in keeping the thumb in the correct position, reducing hand fatigue and finger slipping on the pencil barrel.

That is not to say that hexagonal pencils do not have any disadvantages. In comparison to triangular pencils, hexagonal designs may be slightly sharper and may cause discomfort for those who are accustomed to adjusting the direction of the pencil grip. Additionally, hexagonal pencils are not as easy to store as triangular ones and need to be placed in designated areas like penholders or grooves.

In conclusion, the selection of pencils depends on individual needs and preferences. If you have to write or draw for an extended period of time, it may be better to choose a triangular pencil. However, overall, hexagonal pencils are more commonly used, more stable, and more comfortable for everyday use.