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Yalong taught you what type of color lead to choose for children

March 16,2023

The process of drawing for children is a way to exercise creativity and imagination, as well as to explore the world and express emotions. Therefore, choosing a high-quality colored pencil is very important for the drawing process of children. So, what type of colored pencils are good for children? Below are several types of colored pencils suitable for children.

  1. Non-toxic colored pencils

Non-toxic colored pencils are a must-have for children’s drawing process, because children tend to put colored pencils in their mouths or kiss them while drawing. If the colored pencils contain harmful substances, it can be harmful to children’s health. Therefore, choosing non-toxic colored pencils is very important.

  1. Colored pencils with hard core

Children tend to use excessive force while drawing, and if the core of the colored pencil is too soft, it will easily break and affect the drawing effect. Therefore, choosing colored pencils with a hard core is a better choice, which can avoid the occurrence of core breakage.

  1. Colored pencils with rich colors

Children often need rich colors to express their imagination and creativity while drawing. Therefore, choosing colored pencils with rich colors is very important. Generally, the more colors of the colored pencils, the better the drawing effect.

  1. Colored pencils with soft lines

Children often need to draw soft lines, otherwise the drawing effect will appear stiff. Therefore, choosing colored pencils with soft lines is a better choice. Generally, the degree of softness of the lines of colored pencils depends on the quality of the core and the color matching of the pigments.

In summary, choosing colored pencils suitable for children needs to consider multiple factors, including non-toxicity, hard core, rich colors, and soft lines. When purchasing colored pencils, you can choose according to these factors to better meet the needs of children’s drawing.