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What type of colored pencils should be chosen for children’s drawing

March 15,2023

Water-soluble color lead: Water-soluble color lead can be mixed and smeared with water, which can create richer color and texture effects, and is also easier to clean. For children, it is safer to use water-soluble color lead because they are not as toxic as oily color lead.

Robust color lead: Robust color lead is more suitable for children because it is easier to hold and not easy to break. In addition, they are more colorful and easier to color.

Non-toxic color lead: In order to ensure the safety of children, it is recommended to choose non-toxic color lead. These color lead do not contain harmful substances, which is more safe to use.

Color lead with good quality: select color lead with good quality, the color is more bright, the color is more uniform, and the core is not easy to break, and the service life is longer.

Color lead suit: buying color lead suit can let children try different colors and effects, and it is also more economical.

In short, for children’s painting, it is appropriate to choose water-soluble, robust, non-toxic and high-quality color lead and color lead suit.